Spaces Self Storage strive to provide ideal self storage solutions to suit your needs.
356 Eastern Avenue
M4M 1B8
Phone: (416) 465-9900

FAQ About Spaces Self Storage

At Spaces, we offer year round climate control, a complimentary customer moving truck, state of the art security, a fully stocked retail store for all your packing needs, and friendly, professional staff to advise and help you. We strive to provide ideal self storage solutions to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Storage Solutions Toronto ON


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TV has not lied to you, from time to time Spaces Self Storage has no choice but to put a lien on an unpaid unit. This means we sell it at public auction. You will find more information on the process at our partner,

How old is the Spaces facility?

Completed in 2009, our building is modern and clean. Unlike many of the older structures in the area, self storage was the sole purpose of our building. As a result, we are proud to say that it is the most modern, easy to use storage facility in Toronto.

Why is it important to consider the age of a storage facility?

A new storage facility offers better security, cleanliness and access. Our staff keeps the Spaces Self Storage building to the highest standards. An older, converted storage facility often has outdated heating and cooling systems. No to mention the dilapidated elevators, leaks, vermin and mould problems! Come and see the Spaces facility and experience the difference for yourself.

Can I access my belongings 24/7?

YES! Our storage units have access 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Many storage facilities do not have adequate security systems in place. Ours allows for unprecedented access to your belongings.

What are the office and storefront hours at Spaces?

The office and storefront are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, on Saturday from 9am to 5pm and closed on Sunday. You always have access to your individual lockers!

Is there a minimum period of time I must rent the space for?

Spaces customers are on a month to month tenancy. This means there is no required stay length and you are free to leave whenever you no longer need our services.

Can I reserve a storage unit in advance?

Yes. At Spaces we will take and hold a reservation for up to 15 days.

How do individual locker alarms work and why are they important?

Each storage locker at Spaces has its own alarm. These alarms connect to the master security and monitoring system. When a customer visits Spaces, they enter their own PIN at a keypad, to access the building. The security system then disarms the alarm on the unit associated with that PIN.

A customer then proceeds to his or her locker, unlocks their own padlock and opens their door. Upon exiting the building, customers re-enter their PIN at a keypad. This arms the alarm for unmatched security. This added layer of protection reduces further the chance of break-in and theft. The mandatory use of keypads to enter and exit Spaces provides a detailed record. This way, we can look back at who has visited the building and for how long and when.

Why is Spaces better than any other storage facilities in Toronto?

Spaces provides unrivalled features, outstanding customer service and unmatched client satisfaction.
Check our features here or come for a visit and see for yourself.

Does Spaces have any specials?

Yes we are currently offering a grand opening special, with details HERE

Does Spaces have a moving truck I can use?

Yes. We offer our own Complimentary Customer Truck, which new customers may use free of charge to move into Spaces. More details are HERE

Can I reserve a storage unit in advance?

Yes. At Spaces we will take and hold a reservation for up to 15 days.

Are there moving carts & dollies at Spaces for me to use?

Absolutely. We have many carts and dollies which customers are free to use at any time to make moving items easier.

Can I purchase boxes and other packing supplies at Spaces?

Spaces is pleased to offer a very well stocked store including boxes, tape, bubble wrap and more.

What does climate controlled at Spaces mean?

The Spaces storage building includes modern, efficient heating and air conditioning systems. These systems service the entire facility! Maintaining a controlled environment has many benefits. Prevent warping, cracking, rust and mould from damaging your goods with climate control! The enclosed environment at Spaces also provides protection from dust, dirt and flooding.

What type of security is in place at Spaces?

Spaces has many layers of security in place. This gives our customers the best protection and peace of mind. Our Spaces staff will provide a full explanation and demonstration when you visit.

Does Spaces accept payment by credit card?

Spaces accepts American Express, Visa and Master Card.

Does Spaces offer services for both households and businesses?

As a leader in the storage industry, Spaces offers full services for both residential and business customers.
Please click HERE to learn more about household storage offerings and here for details on business storage solutions.

What sizes of storage unit are available?

We offer a wide range of sizes to best suit your needs. Sizes range from 5×5 ft (25 sf) to 10×20 ft (200 sf). Click HERE for more details and information, or visit our store for expert advice from a Spaces consultant, and to see different size options.

What happens if I either outgrow or want to downsize my storage unit at Spaces?

We will help you find the best size unit for your particular needs, whether that be larger or smaller, as your needs may change over time. There is no fee to switch storage units at Spaces.