Spaces Self Storage strive to provide ideal self storage solutions to suit your needs.
356 Eastern Avenue
M4M 1B8
Phone: (416) 465-9900

Spaces Self Storage Features

At Spaces, we offer year round climate control, a complimentary customer moving truck, state of the art security, a fully stocked retail store for all your packing needs, and friendly, professional staff to advise and help you. We strive to provide ideal self storage solutions to suit your needs.

Spaces Toronto Self-Storage Features: Great Storage Amenities for Cheap

Why have we been voted one of the best in Toronto?

We offer features and benefits that set us apart from other storage facilities.

Here is a list of some of our features, and exactly how they will help you store with us.


We are the closest storage facility to downtown Toronto and some of its best neighbourhoods. Click on our Contact Us page [click here] for more information.

Onsite Parking

We have a full onsite parking lot, so you will not be scrambling to look for or pay for parking.


Your access is always 24/7, 365 days a year so our storage is convenient.

Controlled Access

Everyone coming into the building must enter a personal access code. This prevents unauthorized access, giving you that extra piece of mind.

Alarmed Units

Every unit has an individual alarm. This mean that if a unit was ever breached, a signal would go off. We program these signals to alert our monitoring station, so they can respond quickly.

Package Acceptance

We offer for free, the ability to receive packages for our clients. Click [click here] for more info on this and other business services.

Moving Truck

Our moving truck is waiting and ready to go for our customers, click [click here] for more information. Time of use notice in advance is always wise.

Loading Bay

We have a fully enclosed and heated loading bay that can accommodate 2 heavy duty moving trucks or 4 passenger vehicles at one time. If it is raining or snowing out, you can be sure you will be protected. Being a well
designed facility helps make things easy.

Scissor Lift

Have a heavy duty load or something on a skid? Our elevating scissor lift will come up to truck level to make it easy to get in or out for any heavy or cumbersome load.

Freight Elevators

We have two heavy-duty, oversize freight elevators. If you chose to get an upper floor unit, you can be assured that getting to it will be just as easy as using one on the ground floor.


All of our hallways are extra wide, making it easy to get around and also letting skids maneuver easily so move in or out is a hassle free.


We have a full range of services geared toward any business, click [click here] for more info

Climate Control

All of our units are heated and air conditioned year round. The benefit to you is ensuring that none of your
important furniture or other items suffers from extreme conditions or humidity buildup. This is a most when
you store your valuable items.


We have a full range of services geared toward any business, click [click here] for more info

Monthly Agreements

A monthly agreement means you are never committed to us for the long haul, just use as needed! When you provide good customer services and an outstanding storage facility you don’t need long term contracts.


We are happy to offer a free month of insurance coverage to all new rentals, our policies provides coverage of either $10,000 or $20,000. After that, the option is yours to continue with it or provide your own policy. This way we ensure you are always protected. Many household insurance policies will allow you to add storage facilities of quality like Spaces Self Storage.

Packing Supplies

We have a full range of packing supplies, meaning we really are a one stop shop for all your moving needs. Click [click here] for more information


All new customers are entitled to an Aeroplan welcome bonus. Please click [click here] for more information

Automatic Payment

Our units are billed automatically, saving you the hassle of having to come in to pay. Need emailed receipts? Just let us know when you move in.


Right next to our elevators we have a 24/7 washroom.